Sign in and Get Started with BlueMail

Sign in to Your Email Account

To get started, we first must sign in and add an email account. For this example, we will use a Gmail account which uses OAuth to sign-in. Tap Add Google Account

Sign In Google

Next we can either choose an account that is located within the account manager, or we can add a different Gmail account. We will login to an additional account rather than using an existing Gmail account for this example. Tap Another Google Account

Gmail Screen 1

Afterwards, we enter the credentials for our new account including the username and password. Gmail uses OAuth to ensure your account is always secure. To learn more about OAuth, visit our tip

sign in BlueMail

Lastly, we need to set up the name and description for our new account. The name is what recipients will see when you send an email whereas the account description is how you can identify your new account in BlueMail. Some users like to use colors to differentiate your accounts, and with BlueMail, you can change the color easily.

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