Notifications Explained

Notification Methods

Notifications use the notification bar to show a short preview of the email.

BlueMail allows you to control the notifications method per account using More (o o o) | Notifications | select the desired account | Instant Push Settings | Push or Fetch | choose one of the available options:

  • Push – To get instant notifications.
  • Push (No Preview) – To get instant notifications without a preview to reduce battery usage. This will hide the preview from both the notification and the Mail List.
  • No Push – To disable push notifications, but still see the emails being updated when opening the app.
  • Fetch – To get periodic notifications based on the interval that you’ve set in the Fetch Interval setting.
  • Manual – You won’t get any notifications or emails until you manually refresh your Mail List.

If you choose the Fetch method, you can select the Fetch

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How to Disable Notifications for Given Times? What is the Do Not Disturb Option?

You can select specific quiet times, for which notifications will be suppressed, to match your desires.

To do so, please go to More | Notifications | scroll to the account | Do Not Disturb | uncheck Always Notify and set the periods accordingly:

  • Quiet Days – If you mark days, for those days you will get NO notifications at all for the whole day – this may be usable for weekends, vacations, non working days etc. Note: Hours do not apply to marked days.
  • Quiet Hours – If you mark a quiet hours range, notifications will be suppressed for those hours, on all days, useful for night time for example.

BlueMail is aimed to allow you to effectively use email, when and how you want it, and support your lifestyle and needs.

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Would the Notification Open the Application?

The notification will open BlueMail on that exact new mail so you can act on it immediately.

There are also limited actions you can do directly from the notification. By Pinching-out the notification in the “Notifications Center” you will be prompted with the following options: Reply, Mark as Done and Delete.

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What Actions are Available on Notifications?

Directly from notifications you can read the essence of the message, Mark as read, or Reply (by default). By Pinching-out on the notification in the “Notifications Center”, you will be prompted with the following options: Reply, Mark as Done and Delete.

You can customize these action in the Notifications Center by tapping More (o o o) | Global Settings | Customize Menus | Configure Action Buttons | Configure Notification Actions.

For Nougat users, first ensure that the Nougat Notification option is enabled, then you can customize these actions in the Notifications Center by tapping More (o o o) | Global Settings | Customize Menus | Configure Action Buttons | Configure Wear/Nougat Notification Actions.

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