What are Suggested Groups?

Suggested Groups are Groups that are not fully defined yet e.g. Without a name or avatar. They are displayed under the Suggested Group tab.

Tap More (o o o) | Edit Profile, Groups & Contacts | Groups tab | Suggested Groups | Scroll through the list of <Suggest a name> until you see a group you wish to create.

Tap on them to edit and define them. To learn more about Groups, click here.

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Send an email to a Group

To send an email to a Group tap the Compose button and start typing the name of the Group in the To field.

  • Choose the relevant group from the list, compose your email and send it.
  • Another way is to search in the Groups & Contacts screen:
    • Tap the + icon (right to the To line)
    • Switch to Groups and select one
    • Tap Next

The email will be sent to all the Group members.

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Naming a Group and setting a Photo

To edit the Group Name and Photo, tap on the Group Icon.

Edit Name

  • Tap on the Pen Icon
  • Enter the new Group Name
  • Tap SAVE

Edit Group Photo

Tap on the Camera icon and then:

  • Choose Photo – from your Gallery
  • From Camera – Take a Picture
  • Web Search – Look for an image Online




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Creating and Removing a Group

There are three ways to create a new Group:

  • If you’ve sent or received an email with more than one recipient, tap the group avatar (icon) and you’ll get a screen where you can edit the group info.
  • Another way is to save a suggested group, tap More (o o o) | Edit Profile, Groups & Contacts | Select Groups tab | Select <Suggested Groups> tab | Tap on a Group.
  • To create a group from scratch, tap More (o o o) | Edit Profile, Groups & Contacts | Select Groups tab | CREATE | Add contacts | Add Image and Name.

To delete a group, simply remove the group name and photo using the group edit menu.

To learn more about how to edit a Group’s Name and Photo, click here.

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