How to Take a Screenshot

To take a screenshot on the Samsung S7, simultaneously press both the power button (found on the top right) and the home button (found on the bottom center of your device). A shutter sound as a quick flash on the screen will let you know the screenshot has been successfully taken. Screenshots are by default saved in the Gallery app or your Google Photos.

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How to Send Emails?

To send an email in BlueMail follow these steps:

  • Choose compose / reply / forward.
  • Type your email.
  • Tap the arrow on the top right to send.
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How to Copy Text from the Email Body?

To copy text use standard Android capability for that: Long tap the text, and when the text is highlighted you can see on the top bar a button of two rectangles, if you tap that button the highlight text will be copied to your clipboard.

Then you can simply paste the copied text to a new email or wherever you need to.


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How to Navigate between Folders? Where do I See Drafts, Sent, Archive & Trash Folders? How to See Folders Other than Inbox?

To view the folders for your current account, please tap the top-left corner and a panel with the folders list will be shown underneath the account’s name. You can also see the panel by swiping from the middle left edge of the screen.

We show folders created by your email provider first, followed by your custom folders. Simply swipe down to reveal the remainder of your folder list.

Folders created by your mail provider are called system folders. When using an IMAP account, these cannot be changed or deleted unless you do so with your provider. Here are some examples of system folders:

  • Inbox
  • Drafts
  • Sent
  • Trash
  • Spam
  • Outbox
  • Archive/All

All other folders are user created and can be renamed, deleted, copied, moved, or created.

Note: The Inbox folder is the only one that syncs regularly, the other folders sync the instant you open them.


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How to Send an Email with High Priority?

To add high priority to an email, press the 3-dot menu on the compose screen and choose Set High Priority.

You can also set this option as default by using More | Various Account Settings | tap the account | Advanced Account Settings | Use High Importance.

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How to Change the Language in Blue Mail?

BlueMail uses your phone language, so to change the language in BlueMail:

  • Force close BlueMail.
  • Go to your Android’s device settings and change the language.
  • Launch BlueMail, and it will use your selected language.
  • You can always switch between your phone’s language and English using More | Global Settings | Change Language | English.
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How does Search Work? How to continue Search on Server?

With BlueMail you can easily search by tapping the Magnifying Glass icon in the top bar icon, to locate specific emails using keywords.

Our search looks for your query string in a given folder you are currently viewing, and looks for both client downloaded and server emails (“old” emails in that folder).

To find emails on server, go to the Unified account | type your keyword in the search | when prompted with results choose the account on which you wish to further search on server from the bottom.

We search your subject, body, and recipients so you can use words from any of those fields to find your emails.

Once you get search results you can tap to see a specific mail, or long tap to multi edit and perform actions on some or all of the results. See more in Multi-Edit.

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