How do I set my own Signature?

With BlueMail you can create your own custom signature.

To do so, please go to More | Signature | scroll to the account you would like to update.

You can design your signature using Bold, Italic and Underline text, change the text font and color, as well as also add an image.

| Bold | Bold | | Italics | Italics | | Underline | Underline | | Increase Text Size | Increase Text Size | | Typeset | Change Fonts | | Text Color | Change Text Size | | Add Image | Insert Image | | Add Hyperlink | Add Hyperlink |

Can't see some options? Try sliding the menu to reveal other options.

HTML Support is coming soon!

We autofit the signature image so it can render it well on various recipient devices, it is best to use small images (up to 200Kb in size) and moderate dimensions (up to 500×500) if you want to maintain your logo as is.

Note: BlueMail supports still image types (jpeg, png) for the signature image.

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